Hello beautiful people!

I am Laura-Lynn, and these are my minis - V & E! That mini V that you see spends most of her days filling bags with beloved treasures. While she was quite happy to haul around her plastic shopping bags that had been recycled ten million times and could barely withstand the weight of her Monopoly money, I started dreaming! And so it came to be, these bag loving shenanigans inspired mini ve! I love to create these darling buttery-soft leather bags for the world of minis who, like V, love to fill, tote, imagine, play, and pretend for hours on end each and every day. Each beautiful mini ve bag and accessory is handmade by myself with high quality materials, care and attention in every detail. All made while these sweethearts sleep (when they're awake, we play). Made to love. Made to last for years to come. With your own excitement, watch as your mini's eyes light up and sparkle with joy over the endless possibilities that await with their own mini ve bag! 🖤